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The International French singing star

"Casino de Paris" Dunes Hotel and Casino

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Masters of Illusion


Allen Bracken, Stage Director of Masters of Illusion.  As Production Manager/Stage Director the hardest challenge is coordinating the personalities.  Since I'm surrounded by so many talented people it makes my job much easier.  My magic and theatre background is my strong point,  I have worked for Lance Burton, David Copperfield and Doug Henning.  They all want the same ting someone who knows theatre and magic.

Cowgirl to Showgirl documentary interviews

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Dondino/documentary producer, Joseph Gabriel/Magican, Denny Weddle/documentary marketing/advertising/off screen interviewer/Allen Bracken/Stage Director/Masters of Illusion

Joseph Gabriel - Parrot 4.jpg

    Joseph Gabriel

Magician Extradinaire

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Dondino, Joseph Gabriel, Brett Hansen/Audio Art

Melissa Wells and Martini glass.jpg

A new friend for life....she was a great interview, fun and a loving person to now call a friend.  She also loves playing jokes (as you can see by the martini glass (consisting of water and a kiwi as a lime)

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weekly celebrity podcast internet show
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add to Cowgirl website Ken Prescott - Ok
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